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Triple S Springs

BMW E70/E71 Triple S Lowering Spring

BMW E70/E71 Triple S Lowering Spring

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Our new Triple S lowering spring is here!!!

Front drop = 27mm

Rear drop = 32mm

The Triple S lowering spring was designed with comfort in mind, as well as aesthetics. These springs will offer the customer a mild drop and enable the customer to retain their OE shocks/dampers; they are a direct replacement to your factory springs.

The idea behind Triple S lowering springs was to improve ride quality, performance and vehicle aesthetics. A lot of the vehicles made today are very "soft" with a lot of sway; whether left to right (cornering) or front to back (braking/accelerating). Adding Triple S springs to your vehicle will lower the vehicles center of gravity not only providing a better look, but also leading to a more responsive car. Less vehicle movement also means a more predictable vehicle. A more predictable chassis will lead to a safer car/driver. So, you get all the benefits of a lowered vehicle without the high cost.

What makes these springs different than our competitors? Most aftermarket lowering springs lower the vehicle too much which means the customer has to replace the shocks/dampers during installation. Since the lowering spring is shorter than the factory spring, you must install a shorter shock/damper to prevent it from bottoming out. This adds unnecessary cost to the customer. Each Triple S spring application was engineered to work with that specific cars chassis meaning we took the time to make sure the factory shocks/dampers weren't going to be negatively affected with the use of our lowering springs.

Our Triple S springs are cold forged from SAE9254 silicon aluminum alloy. The cold forging process is better overall (compared to hot forging) and allows the spring to have a higher stress bearing and better precision meaning they will last longer and outperform our competitors springs.

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