Why Triple S?

For many applications the default coilover spring that comes with your coilovers (regardless of brand) will work well, and suit many users just fine.  But for some an upgraded coilover spring is a great option; whether you are looking for increased comfort and spring stroke, or want a custom spring rate and enhanced handling performance – the Triple S coilover springs are a great choice to improve the performance of any coilover brand on the market.

Our Triple S Coilover springs are made of TS2000 (with a tensile strength of 2000 MPA), as apposed to a traditional coilover spring which is usually SAE9254 (1800 MPA). This specially developed material allows
us to manufacture springs in a unique method which yields a product with more usable stroke that is both lighter in weight, and offers increased ride quality and durability than almost any other coilover spring on the market

Direct replacement to your factory springs

These springs will offer the customer a mild drop or lift and enable the customer to retain their OE shocks/dampers; they are a direct replacement to your factory springs.

The idea behind Triple S lowering springs was to improve ride quality, performance and vehicle aesthetics. A lot of the vehicles made today are very “soft” with a lot of sway; whether left to right (cornering) or front to back (braking/accelerating). Adding Triple S springs to your vehicle will lower the vehicles center of gravity not only providing a better look, but also leading to a more responsive car. Less vehicle movement also means a more predictable vehicle. A more predictable chassis will lead to a safer car/driver. So, you get all the benefits of a lowered vehicle without the high cost.

  • Increased Stroke

    Better performance

  • Ride Quality

    Increased ride quality. Even when using the same spring rate as your other springs

  • Light Weight

    Up to 20% lighter than your regular coilover springs

  • Reduced Roll Angle

  • Quality Material

    Higher Quality Material and Construction Process

  • Consistency

    Increased Spring Rate Consistency

  • OEM strut compatible

  • SAE9254 Silicon Aluminum Alloy

  • Mild drop – comfort minded

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